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Thursday, August 8, 2013


farm burger

tennessee whisky salted carmel latte

 bramble berry crisp and pear sorbet

i love Nashville. the past two weeks has been such a blast! my original plans for the summer was to move to San Diego, i had everything ready with my move date on july 29. my younger brother was going to come along for the move then fly back home once we got there.  since all those plans fell apart and my brother had two weeks off already we decided to do something fun and take a road trip! we have always wanted to go to Nashville. since we live in Pennsylvania we made Nashville our first stop, we stayed in the city for three days.  once we were there i was ready to stay longer.  the first night we got into town we at the pharmacy, by far the best burger i have ever eaten in my life! we both got the "farm burger" which is tn beef, tripp country ham, emerald glen farm bacon, willow farm egg, and maple mustard on a sour dough roll. after dinner we walked around downtown on the main drag browsing the shops. when asking for recommendations for Nashville several people kept mentioning barista parlor. the tennessee whiskey salted carmel latte is to die for, i am still craving it now. the whole place is perfect if i lived in Nashville i would be there all the time. we loved it so much that on our long drive home after the two weeks we stopped back in just to get one for the road. Nashville is great for lots of thrifting and vintage shopping, Savant Vintage was a great little shop full of amazing pieces, i picked up a leather purse which i was using the rest of our trip. i know i keep talking about the food but my brother and i agree out of all the places we have traveled Nashville has the best everything! las paletas has delish mexican popsicles, we both had pineapple blueberry. now for the ice cream, oooh myyy gosh jeni's splendid ice cream is the place to go! i had the bramble berry crisp with the pear sorbet, my brother tried the whiskey and pecans. it was raining our second night in town so why not go then, besides having great ice cream the whole atmosphere of the place just makes you want to spend hours there with family/friends. besides going to the parks and walking around the town theres the cutest little shop i would highly recommend visiting. hey rooster general store, the store is filled with local jams, merchandise, jewerly, even prints by local Brooklyn artist. i purchased the Nashville tea towel in the photo above, i would have loved to bring home some of the food but being on a two week road trip sitting in the car was not a good idea.  besides the shop being absolutely adorable, the owner was the sweetest gal, we spoke for sometime about her shop and her recently moving back to Nashville from New York, wishing her nothing but the best with her shop!! our last day in town we visited the Nashville parthenon and shelby street bridge, i'm always up to do anything thats outside plus being free, and the shelby street bridge makes for amazing photos of the city. being our first time in Nashville, we loved it and defiantly want to make another trip back in the future. 

right now iim only home for a day and am leaving again tomorrow for the beach. once i'm home again next week ill be posting about our next stop from the trip... Austin, TX! 

xx ash

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