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When it comes to traveling, you could say we travel for food. I love to experience new foods and different cultures. I will seriously eat anything or at least try it once! I usually do lots of food research before traveling and make a list of places to go. So for Amsterdam I wanted to share the places we enjoyed the most on our trip! 

Bam BoaBam Boa is not right in the city central area but worth the trip. We rode bikes along the Amstel canal to get there. One of the main reasons we went was because a girl I follow on Instagram is the owner of Bam Boa. Besides the food and drinks being delicious, the inside is so Instagramable. By the way, the food was great for any meal of the day.


Blue AmsterdamWant to eat with a view? You need to go to Blue Amsterdam! I would recommend this place more for lunch or even coffee / breakfast. The restaurant is located at the top of a shopping area with an entire 360 view of the city. They even have binoculars on the tables for you to look out while eating! Both our sandwiches were SO good and the drinks were unique, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

Mama Kelly I kept seeing this place all over instagram before our trip! I recommend making a reservation here because it can fill up quick. It’s become a very popular spot for tourists especially based on its location. The atmosphere inside is absolutely amazing with everything being pink. It’s more of an experience to go to the restaurant vs being known for the food in my opinion. The food was good, don’t get me wrong, but not mind blowing to us. The vibe, however, is just so cool. Josh and I both got such delicious drinks and some food to share. 

The restaurants mentioned above are more of a sit down eating style.  Next I'm going to share more of the "street food" places we really enjoyed and some things that you must try in Amsterdam!

Van Wonderen Amsterdam is known for their stroopwafel and Van Wonderen is the place to get them! There are multiple locations throughout the city and they make them fresh right in front of you. If you know me, I am not a sweets person but, I could eat these all day. If you don’t know what a stroopwafel is, they’re two thin wafer cookies with melted caramel inside. At Van Wonderen you can choose any type of toppings to go on top as well. That includes nuts, chocolate, Oreos, and even marshmallows along with many others! 

The Happy PigThis place is unreal! They serve rolled pancakes, almost like crepes. Josh and I got a savory and a sweet one to be able to share and enjoy both kinds. I ordered smoked gouda cheese with bacon and Josh got fresh strawberries. He asked for half to have melted chocolate and the other half to be drizzled with honey. Best of both worlds! We walked over to a canal and sat along the water to eat them which was very enjoyable because there’s very little room to sit inside!

Kibbeling & HerringThese fishes might be the most known “street food” or “snack” in the city. They have stands all over the city just like the hot pretzel stands here. We rode our bikes to the trendy neighborhood of De Pijp to try them at an outdoor market called Albert Cuyp MarketKibbeling is fried salt cod chunks that comes with tons of dipping sauces on the side. Herring is served raw with diced raw onions and sliced gherkins on top. We definitely loved Kibbeling more, but try both to get the full experience of Dutch culture!

Croquettes / BitterballenYou can find these anywhere and everywhere in Amsterdam. So f*cking good! I ate way too many on our trip, haha! You can even find them in vending type machines off the street. You put 1 euro in the machine and it opens up and pops out a hot croquette. A lot of these quick-mart type of places also serve up hamburgers which seemed to be quite popular in Amsterdam too! 

French FriesAnother dish you can find on every street corner. French fries are a true weakness of mine. Of course, I was eating them left and right with the “mayo.” The dutch mayo does not taste anything like the one here in the US. It has a more garlicky foundation. I need to figure out where I can buy their kind in bulk! There are Fry stands all over and they come packed in a paper cone full of fries. You’re supposed to able to eat them on the go while walking! Most of the places we came across have tons of unique sauces to add on the side for dipping as well.

Kapsalon We were recommended by serval people to eat Kapsalon. It’s not fancy, but it’s so damn good! Considered a fast food dish in Amsterdam, Kapsalon is a layer of french fries served in a dish topped with shawarma meat and gouda cheese, all melted in an oven. Yum! Once that is heated up it gets topped with a “salad” which is made up of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and onion. Lastly, it’s dressed with a healthy bit of garlic chili sauce.

Food HallenThis is like a food hall market, with a wide variety of different cuisines. They even offer venders with gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Josh and I got a few things from different spots to be able to try a little bit of everything. We got Dumplings, Spanish tapas, Bitterballen, Sausage sandwich with bacon and mustard, and a variety of cheeses on little baguettes!

Lastly I wanted to mention the Coffee Shops, which I figured was appropriate to add into the food category hahah! A coffee shop in Amsterdam is not what a coffee shop is in the U.S. Over there, coffee shops are where you can buy cannabis or hash. Of course we went to a few… you have to if you’re visiting! The cutest one that I would highly recommend (if you’re into it) is Boerejongens Coffeeshop, go to the one at Utrechtsestraat 21, 1017 VH, Amsterdam.  The inside is all gold and marble and the workers are dressed up fancy!

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I have always been into wearing black on black, although it doesn't really seem festive around the holidays.  I found the perfect way to give it that extra step, pair it with a red lip!  So simple but a red lip will make anything seem for Holiday chic.  Here I wore a sheer ruffle blouse from FemmeLuxe which I have been obsessed with and paid it with a high waited trousers. Perfect for work, night out or even a holiday party! 

Living in the northeast it is crucial to have a good pair of water resistant shoes.  We have yucky weather over the cooler months and your never know when its going to rain or even snow!  Its also very hard to find a pair thats cute and stylish, I personally am not a fan on the traditional rain boot.  Dont get wrong I find them cute on other people but they are never comfortable to me around my calf and I feel like my feet are always freezing in them!

Now I have found the perfect pair, the Ellin Boot from EMU Australia! They are water resistant, fur lined and the look like a chelsea boot! Super stylish, I have already worn them out with a dress, jeans, and of course the outfit here!

Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year. The holidays are right around the corner plus with the trees changing colors, the smell of firewood and just the overall excitement of the season put me in the mood to celebrate! It’s always fun to craft up some seasonal drinks while entertaining or simply having a stay-at-home date night with your significant other. I’ve put together two cocktails using Coopers’ Craft Bourbon that are perfect for fall!

They really nail the mix of smoky and sweet for a balanced taste. It has hints of spice and notes of baked apple that pair well with all things autumn. Josh happens to be way more of a bourbon drinker than me, but Coopers’ Craft quickly has become one of my go-to liquors to stir up! We are hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year and these two drinks are for sure what I’ll be making.

Bourbon Champagne
+  1 part Coopers’ Craft 82.2 Bourbon
+ 1 part Champagne
+  1/2 cup sugar
+  1/2 cup water
+  Berries

First, you will melt the water and sugar together over medium heat, stirring until clear, not cloudy.  Once the simple syrup is cooled down, it’s time to make your cocktail! Fill half your glass with Champagne, add a shot of Coopers’ Craft 82.2 Bourbon, and a shot of simple syrup. (You can add more to your liking.) Stir together and garnish with frozen berries.

Bourbon & Berries
+  1 part Coopers’ Craft 82.2 Bourbon
+  Simple Syrup
+  Club Soda
+ 1 lemon
+  Berries

Instead of ice I chose to use frozen berries for this drink! Add the frozen berries into each glass. Fill up the glass half-way with club soda or seltzer water. Add a shot of Coopers’ Craft 82.2 Bourbon and a tablespoon of simple syrup. Cut the lemon in half, squeeze one half equally into glasses. Garnish with lemon slice and enjoy!

I hope you loved these drinks as much as I did! You can also check out the website for Coopers’ Craft and get even more drink ideas to make! If your family and friends are anything like mine, these recipes are certain to be a hit with whomever you spend the holidays with! 

Thanks to Coopers’ Craft for sponsoring this post.
This content is intended for people of legal drinking age. Coopers’ Craft 21+
Honor the Craft. Drink Responsibly.
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 41.1-50% ABV, Brown-Forman Beverages, Louisville, K

I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam, it was just never the top of my list.  After visiting, I can easily say it is tied at number one with Paris for my favorite cities I've traveled to!  Everything about the city is just so charming and magical, it's like nowhere I have ever been.  We spent a week there, but easily could have stayed longer and still not have seen everything.  If you don't have a week to spend there, there's still a lot to see with only a few days time.  I put together a little travel guide to share some of our highlights and favorite things about Amsterdam.  You can also see more on my Instagram!

First off, we stayed at The Eden Hotel Amsterdam.  It was prime location!  Our hotel was right on the Amstel River which is the biggest river that runs through the city and connects into the canals.  We walked everywhere from out hotel unless we rented bikes to cruise around.  Two blocks from our hotel is where we rented bikes (Black Bikes is who we used), but there were bike rental options around every corner.  The Eden Hotel was very spacious.  We had a top floor room with a canal view, it was unreal!  The beds were insanely comfy and I slept so peacefully each night.  We even had our own Nespresso maker in the room which was very helpful.  Instead of spending money every morning at cafes, I was able to make my own espresso in the room and drink it while getting ready.  I could have moved right in!

I mean look at this view from our room

You have to rent bikes while in Amsterdam!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, rides a bike.  There is actually bike traffic if there is such a thing, haha.  People either walk everywhere or bike around town. I love that about Europe. I feel like was meant to live in Europe!  We chose to go with Black Bikes, which was close to our hotel as I had mentioned.  They were super friendly.  If you follow me, you'd have seen in my stories that I crashed my bike and broke the reflector off!  Oops!  They didn't even charge anything extra for that and said insurance was included with our rental in case of an accident.  It's a great way to see the city and get around faster.

There are lots of neighborhoods that make up the city, just like any city.  The two that really stood out to us were Jordaan and De Pijp!  We found ourselves going back to each multiple times during our trip.

Jordaan: Jordaan is exactly what you envision Amsterdam to look like in your mind.  All the iconic photos of the city have to be taken there. It's actually where we did our photoshoot!  Jordaan is full of narrow canals with cobblestone streets, lots of boutiques, cafes, antique shops, art, and gallery museums.  We found it to be very quaint!  As popular as Jordaan is, you could be walking down a street in the neighborhood and be the only ones there.  It was great to be able to find these quiet gems in such a busy town like Amsterdam!

De Pijp: This was another neighborhood we found ourselves in more then once.  The locals were telling us that De Pijp is their "hipster neighborhood" haha.  On our first day, we walked down to De Pijp and stumbled onto a big outdoor market they are known for, Albert Cuyp Market.  The market was filled with fresh produce, shops, and all the iconic dutch snacks!  That is where we ate the famous Herring and Kibbeling fishes.

I would highly recommend doing a Sunset Canal Dinner Cruise.  We booked ours with Lovers Canal Cruises.  It was a fantastic way to see the city, learn the history and view all the boat homes.  No joke, some of those boat homes should be on HGTV. They are unreal!  I had no idea that Amsterdam had more canals then Venice, Italy.  Our cruise lasted roughly 1.5 hours.  We got on the boat right before sunset and were able to watch the sun go down while cruising into the night as the city lit up. It truly is just a beautiful way to see the city.  I will 100% do another one when I go back.  There were even boats you could rent and steer yourself down the canals!  Next time for sure.

De 9 Straatjes for shopping!  There are tons of little shops you will pass all over the city, but we made most of our stops in stores within Jordaan and De Pijp.  I'm not one that's really into collecting souvenirs, except for Christmas ornaments.  I'm more into finding something unique to bring home that no one else will have. We both got a few things while we were exploring there, but you need to go to De 9 Straatjes!  Its 9 Streets is full of designer and vintage shops along with cute cafes.  They're located all along the edge of the canal ring, right in-between all kinds of old leaning homes that are just so cute.  You will find tons of super cute boutiques and European brand stores that we don't have here in America as well.  I wasn't expecting to really shop a bunch, but I didn't come home without some new things.  I don't know how I fit it all in my suitcase to be honest haha!

The Anne Frank House is another must see I would say.  It's a very humbling and chilling experience to go through the home where her family and two other families had to hide out for years. You're not allowed to take pictures or video while inside and I recommend buying tickets in advance because they sell out fast.  You get to climb through the actual rooms where they were in hiding and see writing on the walls from those that lived there during the war.  I will warn you that I felt very sad afterwards for several hours but, I also believe it's important to see.

If you're wondering if we explored the Red Light District, you bet your ass we did! Haha. It's actually a lovely area and such a beautiful neighborhood.  ( FYI: you can't have your phone out while walking through the Red Light District either.)  You see all the "girls" in the windows when you walk by.  I didn't know what to do, so I just kept smiling at them.  If you're in Amsterdam you have to walk through it, like c'mon! Besides they aren't everywhere.  There are also lots of cute restaurants, shops, and tons of little canals and bridges to walk through.

Lastly, if you have time and are willing to leave the city for an afternoon, you need to check out Zaanse Schans!  It's about a 15 minute train ride out of the city into the country side of Holland where you can see all the windmills. Most of them are preserved historic windmills.  Once you get off the train you'll walk about 10 minutes through a super cute little town to get to the main attraction.  You get the full Dutch experience here, it's quite breathtaking.  There is cheese making, chocolate making, and they also make the traditional wooden clogs.

Another little thing I love to do while traveling is, hire a photographer.  I think its a great souvenir to have instead of trinkets!  I used Celia from The Light Box Tales while in Amsterdam and she did AMAZING!!  I hate asking strangers for photos because they never take it how I want or like.  If you're heading to Amsterdam and want amazing photos, send her a message and tell her you know me!  Check out her Instagram, it's gorgeous and that's exactly how I found her!  We still talk together every week.

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