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Thursday, July 25, 2013


oh, lancaster.  growing up here my whole life i have always wanted to leave.  as i grow older i learned more to appreciate this city. we have so much history and character downtown in the architect, cafes, art galleries and shops.  with being new to blogging i want to do a series of different places i enjoy around my town.
mozzarella panini 

chestnut hill cafe is the sweetest little cafe located on west chestnut street downtown. before it became a cafe it was a tiny corner store with penny candy, how cute! this afternoon i had a two hour break at work so my mom and i decided to go out to lunch. the weather today reminded me of the time of year when you know fall is coming, it was in the mid seventies and breezy to the point where i had to throw a flannel on.  i mean i love fall but am not ready for summer to be over, especially since we only get about four good months of nice warm weather in the north east. i've eaten here a lot for breakfast and lunch, today was my first time trying the mozzarella panini and i was not disappointed, they took the basil right out of the garden out front before they put the panini together. i already know what i will be ordering next time and that is the grilled black bean wrap. 

xx ash


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