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Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I always enjoy trying a new cocktail!  I wanted to share a fun new recipe that I have been enjoying lately.  Thought this drink could be perfect for the Galentines / Valentines weekend ahead!


+ 4oz Universal Spirit Vodka
+ 1 tsp coriander seeds
+ 1 tsp dried spearmint
+ 1 tsp dried orange peel
+ 1 tbsp dried rose petals
+ 4 oz water 

Add The Universal Spirit and all dried herbs into a airtight jar with lid and store in a dark cool place for a week.  (I tried this for 48 hours and still tasted great.)  After a week dilute a drop of your mixture with a drop of water, if the taste is to your liking, proceed to strain.  If not, reseal and continue to steep and continue to taste daily. 

Once to your liking, strain the mixture through a small colander lined with cheesecloth, or a clean tea towel into a clean container.  Press on the soaked herbs to extract as much liquid as possible.  Dilute the liquid with equal parts water and transfer to dropper bottle.  To use the mixture, place 5 to 10 drops into 8 oz of water, tea, or any drink of your choice! Enjoy! 

Aside from the drink shared above, this book has over 100 cool recipes inside. They even have a special drink for each zodiac sign, which I personally love!

Universal Spirit Vodka and Infused Spirits book available at Art In The Age!
Art In The Age also has a tasting room and bottle shop at:
116 North 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106



  1. Cool posts. I think a few drops of such a wonderful cocktail to try on the weekend will be just wonderful. I like that there is mint. I love mint in drinks. Thanks for the interesting recipes.

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