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Sunday, November 24, 2019


Living in the northeast it is crucial to have a good pair of water resistant shoes.  We have yucky weather over the cooler months and your never know when its going to rain or even snow!  Its also very hard to find a pair thats cute and stylish, I personally am not a fan on the traditional rain boot.  Dont get wrong I find them cute on other people but they are never comfortable to me around my calf and I feel like my feet are always freezing in them!

Now I have found the perfect pair, the Ellin Boot from EMU Australia! They are water resistant, fur lined and the look like a chelsea boot! Super stylish, I have already worn them out with a dress, jeans, and of course the outfit here!



  1. I like, that these boots are black. They perfectly fit to your white clothes. Moreover, it is very good, that these boots are water resistant.

  2. Stylish water-resistant boots are like cool shoes that keep your feet dry. 🌧️ They look good and protect you from rain or wet places. So, you can stay stylish and comfy, no matter the weather!


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