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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I admit I have been awful with posting onto my blog the last few month, when my dog Shoeshine got sick and passed away it was a very hard time for me and I stopped putting effort into certain things.  I know that shouldn't be an excuse but I needed time to myself and I still cry about it.  ANYWAYS this year I'm feeling very thankful for my health, relationships and opportunities. Sometimes it can be easy to get down on yourself when your pushing towards a goal and don't hit it at the exact time you want.  I need to remind myself to stay more present (enjoy the journey) and think of how far I've actually come. Especially with building my blog.  Ive received some amazing opportunities this past year that at one point thought would never happen and looked up to the other ladies who have gotten those brands to work to with.  I hope all of your count your blessings and have the best Thanksgiving holiday! Christmas is my all time favorite time of year so you bet your ass the day after Thanksgiving all the decorations will be out and the Christmas music will be playing! What are some of your plans for the Holiday this week?!



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