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Thursday, April 13, 2017


watch JORD WATCH | dress H&M from SCHOOLA | ark bag CULT GAIA

I love when Spring time approaches and I can start wearing all my clothes that I don't need to bundle up with.  Like skirts, flowy tops, dresses and all the cite accessories to show off!  My new favorite accessory added into my wardrobe is my unique woman's wooden JORDwatch. Ive been wearing it with all different looks and everyone keeps complimenting on it. Luckly up here in Philadelphia we are being blessed with gorgeous weather int he 70s to 80 degrees, I can't complain because that is my favorite weather.
With Easter being this upcoming weekend I've been planning what I'm going to wear for the holiday. Above I paired my unique watch with this blush pink dress, grey mules and my ark bag. I love the raw wood look the band on the watch has, all of JORD watches are so lovely.  The clasp is easy on the back and fits super comfortable, its also very light weight and you don't feel it too heavy on the arm.  I wanted a simple color for my face that could match everything, since the wood band already stands out I wanted that to be the main focus.  If you are someone to makes Easter baskets for loved ones, a JORD watch would be perfect for male or female and the perfect watch to wear during Spring and Summer!
This dress is also a piece to support a great cause Schoola, you can purchase slightly used or even donate clothes to them, they support helping young girls become educated and help supports items they need! I have donate plenty of bags of my clothes and made purchases from the site to help out! Please do anything you can to help this wonderful cause!
Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend with family and friends, we are heading out to New Jersey to celebrate with Joshs family and I can't wait for all the food to eat!

Thank you Jord Watch for sponsoring this post
Also big thanks to Schoola for gifting this dress.


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