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Monday, November 14, 2016


dress ESHAKTI | circle tote EBAY 

I was so excited when I found a website where I could create, design and own a dress I created I was stoked! Eshakti is such a fun brand, you can create any garment from dresses, pants, blouses and plenty more.  Not to mention how easy it is with their step my step process to guarantee your creation looks how you ant and fits perfectly. This dress above I chose the pattern, picked the length, made the sleeves longer and of course added pockets to both sides. I could not be happier with my design! Now head over to Eshakti to create your own look and use code "tusksandtails" to get 10% from Nov 14 - Dec 24, enjoy friends! 



  1. Very classy & stylish dress! Color is gorgeous!
    For more inspiration you should definitely go and take a good look:


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