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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


dress & clutch THAT SHUU GIRL

This last week was been insane.  We have been packing, moving and unpacking, pretty much running on a few hours asleep each night onto of working.  Our apartment is for sure coming together and we love it! (after we are settled ill be to doing an apartment tour.) With being so busy I have seen slacking with my posts.  This dress I wore the weekend before we moved for our dinner date, we went to a restaurant we have been wanted to try since it opened. We figured we might as well now since we are moving away and it was delicious! Im usually not the type to show off to much skin but the sheer part is so dark and the flowers are big enough to hide was I hardly have anyways! Hahaha. Enough of me rambling on, hope you all are enjoying your week and had a great holiday weekend! 


  1. This dress is gorgeous! The flower patches make it so feminine, and a bodycon dress suits you so much!

  2. What a lovely dress! xx

  3. Obsessed with how sexy your dress is :)

  4. LOVE this dress and clutch. Great picks and great styling!

    x, Tyler |


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