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Thursday, June 9, 2016


I have always wanted a full sequenced dress with a 1920's flare and finally found the most perfect one! The gold and mint color are perfect for summer time as well. The Mint Julep is such a cute boutique, so many dresses and amazing tops that are super affordable to spice up your closet! One my favorite parts about this dress is the low cut in the back.  I wore this for dinner out but am planning to also wear it to one of our weddings we attending this year!

Thank you to The Mint Julep for sponsoring this post!



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  2. Love the mint color with the gold! It makes it so soft and perfect for summer!
    You look fantastic!

    xo Bryn

  3. You look gorgeous! I'm obsessed with this dress! The mint & gold is stunning! Wishing you a great weekend lady!

  4. Lovely outfit and photos as always, pretty! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  5. Very cute little dress, love the metallic accents!

    Bella Pummarola

  6. This dress is killer! Have a great time at the wedding!

    xoxo Justina | Just In A City
    A SF based fashion + food + travel blog | Instagram

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