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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


dress: ModCloth from SCHOOLA

Recently I've teamed up with an amazing organization Schoola, their message is wonderful and something I believe everyone should get behind.  How you can help is donate gently worn woman's and children clothes from your home with free shipping, then these clothes will be sold on Schoola for great prices.  Schools then receive proceeds by every dollar made, money that has since funded an orchestra, built a playground and supported many other programs that are critical to the success of kids in school.  Currently they have supported over 30,000 schools! 

Schoola has even partnered with the Malala Fund. Thousands of individual donors and 5 great clothing brands have donated clothing to be sold to further Malala Fund's mission of removing barriers to a safe, quality education in the most vulnerable communities in the world.

I know as females we all have extra clothing that doesn't get worn, please think about donating to a wonderful cause to help another person in the world! Collect a donation bag HERE and know you've helped in someway!

Thank you to Schoola for sponsoring this post and helping spread the word!


  1. Gorgeous! Love that dress - the print is so pretty! Your hair is amazing girl!

  2. Amazing floral summer dress!
    Greetings from

  3. Ashlee! You're too pretty, and I love how well you rock that sassy smile :)
    xx Em

  4. A great cause! :)

    And I love the pretty dress.. love the colours with the green background! :)

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