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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Every year I go into New York City around the holidays and its just breathe taking.  It has to be my favorite time to be in the city besides summer, when you can do everything outside.  This year I went in with my mom and her friends.  It was unusually warm for the week before Christmas, to the point where you probably didn't even need to wear a jacket!  Im all about the warm but for Christmas it needs to be cold and snowy. We had so much fun going into all the tiny shops in soho and visiting all the holiday attractions. Grabbed lunch in a small trendy italian cafe and had one of the best prosciutto truffle panini's in my life. Then of course we had to get a classic piece on New York pizza before heading home.  New York around this time puts me in the best mood with such a happy heart! Wish you and your families a wonderful holiday week! 



  1. Can you tell me what that italian cafe was called? It looks amazing and I'm headed to NYC soon. Would love to check it out.


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