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Sunday, September 15, 2013


this past weekend had fall written all over it.  weather in the low seventies, putting on a jacket or heavy sweater once the sun went down and no more having to run the fan or air conditioner over night.  over the weekend my mom and some of her friends were heading up to GRANDVIEW VINEYARD for one of her friends birthday. my mom and i are super close and i know all her friends so i was invited to join.  we got up there around six, they had a folky acoustic band playing for the night and it was happy hour! started off with the standard wine tasting that only cost six dollars, then we split two bottles of wine. the chardonnay (one of my favorites) and the blackberry wine. we all brought snacks to share and a cake of course for the birthday girl. it was a great night and felt even more like fall as it got later in night, we were all freezing once the sun was down but i had my motorcycle jacket to help, plus plenty of glasses of wine... i always get sad once summer is ending but also get excited once fall is starting.

psst, chopped my hair this past week and still getting used to it, feels so short!

xx ash


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