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Sunday, August 18, 2013


 uncommon objects (below)



my apologies for taking a while to post the Austin part of our road trip, i just took soooo many photos. after my brother and i left Nashville we drove to Arkansas to pick up our cousin and stayed a few days to visit family, then all three of us heading to Texas.  Austin is amazing, really considering moving there in a year or so, i will defiantly need to get used to the heat tho! we were only in town from friday-monday but it was great.  was able to eat one of my favorites things ever fried pickles which is impossible to find up north!! our favorite part of town was S Congress Ave it was filled with the cutest shops and restaurants. i found the coolest hand made mexican inspired necklace at this shop TESOROS, i've been wearing it with everything lately. now one of the coolest shops i have ever been to was UNCOMMON OBJECTS, we spent over an hour in there. we had to at least walk thru four different times and every time i saw something new that i wanted. Uncommon Objects is a dream, the shop is filled with everything and anything you can think of from books to skeletons to vintage family photos. really any shop on S Congress was amazing, including the famous JO'S COFFEE.  of course you have to take a photo in front of the "i love you so much" wall.  we ate their killer breakfast tacos and had some iced coffee. Austin has so many wall murals through out the city that i adore, we made sure to visit "greetings from austin" and the Daniel Johnson "hi, how are you?" walls. besides visiting all the places i already mentioned i would recommend grabbing dinner at RED'S PORCH, they have a sweet view of the nature outside the city and the food was amazing i had fried avocado tacos, rice and beans with a texas margarita. food trucks are very popular down here, there was so many we wanted to try.  my brother works are a creperie back home so we decided we would try the crepe truck. it was good, but i have to admit it was nothing like RACHELS CREPERIE in Lancaster. sometimes we got so hot during the day we would go back to our hotel to swim in the pool for a while to cool off. we met a really sweet gal at the pool, since it was only me with my brother and our cousin she joined us one night for dinner and going around the town, it was nice to have another girl with us after being with guys for two weeks! she mentioned some things to do while we were here like this huge graffiti wall that everyone goes too, while we were there someone that was adding to the wall gave us his spray can before he left and we all got to add a little something to walls. our last night in town we went out for ice cream at LICK ICE CREAM, its all locally made. i had lemon lavender and a lime basil, they were out of this world! before we headed out in the morning we grabbed breakfast at the cutest coffee house which we also went for drinks on the first night while they were having a stand up comedy show CENOTE. yes we sat in the front and yes we got made fun of all night. of course we had breakfast burritos and tacos again, c'mon we were in texas! overall the road trip was a great experience and good time spent with my brother. the only downfall to a road trip is being so tired from driving all over the place which i ended up being sick when we got home and i'm still not 100% better. even tho I'm still sick it was all worth and defiantly one of the best vacations i've had.

xx ash

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  1. Looks cool! I LOVE the shot of you jumping on the bed!!


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