Wednesday, July 26, 2017


maxi dress TOSAVE

Ive been looking for the perfect maxi-dress that I don't have to wear heels with or trip over since I'm only 5 foot! Thank god I found one and its sheer, flowy, and has a leg slit, what can be better? TOSAVE has so many great summer finds along with hair products! Go give them a look to vamp up your summer wardrobe! 


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


dress JUST FASHION NOW | clutch J.CREW 

I love a good maxi dress, especially with cut out details and a slit in the leg! This one is super comfy and ties closed in the back. I wore it out to dinner with a side braid and my straw clutch! I also plan on taking it with me to the beach this summer. You must check out Just Fashion Now, for super trendy summer items!! 

Friday, June 16, 2017


dress TOBI

Finally I located the first tie front cut out dress for summer! This dress also comes in black and white, I choose the yellow for summer, also I don't have any yellow so I'm glad I know have this cute dress in my closet! I love the front tie cut out, this dress also has pockets which is a score and the material is a very light linen! Tobi was so many cute items for summer, especially their swimwear, I've been so obsessed with one pieces this year and they have many to choose from. 


Friday, June 9, 2017


romper TOBI | clutch J.CREW

Sometimes with my ass I think I look ridiculous is rompers! When I found this one I was very excited. The lilac color, with the little white details on the romper and a round the edges caught my eye along with the open back. I am always drawn to anything with an open back. I have been loving everything that Tobi has this season, all their dresses and also their swimsuit has been my go to pieces so far for summer. Im wearing this romper tonight to head out for some Greek food in the city with a group of friends! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I have always wanted to whiten my teeth, but didn't ever really want to go get it done at the dentist or pay what they charge either. Home Teeth Whitening was the best option for me! Super easy, I had to create a simple mold of my teeth with Smile Brilliant at home, send it back in and they mailed me custom fit whiteneing trays to whiten myself on my own time. I have sensitive teeth sometimes when it comes to cold foods, with the 2nd step to the whitening gel it really helped relieve that and had no issues while going through the whitening process, if you struggle with sensitive teeth as well ready through these stories to make you feel better about the process! As I become older I also became and addict coffee drinker to start each day.. I wouldn't say my teeth look awful in anyway from coffee, but I'm sure it is a reason they aren't as white as id like them to be! I only did the process for 2 weeks (excluding weekends) and saw great results that I'm def going to try this again!! If you have any questions or concerns make sure to read though others experiences to see if this would be the right choice for you!

Exciting news about this is the GIVEAWAY! You must leave your name and email on the giveaway page to entered to win your own teeth whitening kit with a value up to $139! Goodluck friends!
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